Guided Mongering Tour of Sabang, Philippines with Buck Wild

The Philippines is a flat out amazing country that is without a doubt a world class mongering location. I just had a group of guys from MN come out that have been going to Costa Rica for the last 9 years and were fucking blown away with Philippines and will never return to Costa Rica again.. This my friends is the normal reaction. The GFE exeperience is beyond belief. One of the guys was crying on the side walk holding hands with his girl telling he couldnt see her anymore after just a few days with her because I told him to stop falling in fucking love and to monger on solider and continue the body count! Lol.. Fuck I am getting side tracked. Sabang is great because you have great scuba diving just 100 yards off the shore and some near by beaches. Hey I love mongering more than the next guy but you can't just fuck all day. I love to scuba dive her and them fuck at night.. Sabang isn't too far either it's 4 hours from Angeles City and only 2 hours from Manila. One of the hours being a boat ride. All in all a great location for 24 hours of fun!

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