pinay hottie!!! There must something about Filipina women — even on Google, men ask how they can possibly find a Filipina wife. In this article, we will talk about how you can do this without spending too much on travelling to the Philippines. The good thing about women from that part of Asia is that, apart from being Internet-savvy and being relatively fluent in English, they are also actively seeking for life partners among foreign men. It's not that Filipino men are bad, but it just seems that over the years Filipino women have developed a taste for men from other countries. So, if you're one those men looking for a Filipina wife, here are the exact steps to finding a Filipina wife 1. Sign up with a Filipina dating site While there are many dating sites out there, the truth is that there are only very few Filipino dating sites that are well-known enough in the Philippines so that Filipino women sign up with them upon a friend's recommendation. I personally use because it is the biggest dating site for dating Filipinas, real members and it has been around over 15 years. 2. Collect and narrow At one dating website that we know, there are at least 10000 Filipino women who have active profiles there. That's a lot of women by anyone's account. The best approach in this case is to contact as many women as possible and then to narrow down the women to three to four women that you talk to regularly. By now, you should have a checklist on the kind of Filipino <b>…</b>

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